A famous city of Nepal and the best destination of tourists. Pokhara is one of the beautiful city with its own natural resources. You can find Pokhara as a best destination because here, you can get a chances to visit many natural and historical places. Make yourself involve in the cultural activities which is followed by the locality in Pokhara. It is a small valley surrounded by the mountains, green forests and hills.. So it has its own natural beauties which really attracts the peoples who comes to visit it once.


Fewa/Phewa Lake:
It is called the mirror of Himalayan ranges. You can see the clear reflections of mountains in this lake.

Tal Barahi Temple: Its a kind of an island which is situated in the middle of Fewa Lake. This historical and holy temple is famous because you need to go by boat to reach it.

World Peace pagoda: A beautiful monastery, which is located in the top of the hill of Pokhara. From where you can see the beautiful view of Pokhara valley. To reach this pagoda you can cross the Fewa lake by boat then hiking the village or you can directly go from the other way of motor road.

David’s Fall:
Called “Paatale Chango” in Nepali. It is a spring from where the big forces of water falls and give you the unexpected views of big flowing river in the deep of land.

Gupteswor Mahadev Cave:
It is a holy place. People believes that it is the cave where god Shiva has mediated in his period. You can see the big Holy stone inside of the cave.

This is the famous hill from where you can see the full view of Pokhara. People come here to see the beautiful village, spectacular views of sun rise and sun sets, Paragliding take off and to spend a memorable holidays.

Except this, there are also other places to visit. Like: Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave, Begnas Lake, Bindabashani Temple, International mountain Museum, Seti George etc.

This natural resources are the main characteristic of Pokhara. Though, there are also other facilities in Pokhara. Like: Clean and good foods, good peoples, necessary things and all the other development facilities. So Pokhara is one of the best place in Nepal.