Kathmandu is a largest city of Nepal. It is a capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is called city of temple also. Kathmandu has long history before some years people used to say Nepal for Kathmandu. Nepal has long history there are three phase of history ancient, pre modern and modern. Modern Kathmandu is after united Nepal takes since 1826. After united Nepal Kathmandu is capital city of Nepal. Being capital city Kathmandu has a broad cultural diversity and its cultural portrait is very wide and complex. Kathmandu has ruled by many kings and kingdom. You can experience combined of natural heritage and cultural heritage together with the excellent Mountain View.

Kathmandu is situated central part of Nepal and in a bowl shape as valley. The country is situated between chine and india and area is 147181 sq. km. and itís position is in between 26022 to 30027 north latitude and 80004 to 80012 east longitude and Kathmandu is extended about 885 km east west and 193 sq. km.

Kathmandu is well known for cultural heritage, you can easily worth weeks of time in Kathmandu with its cultural and physical diversity. You can experience real Nepal with art galleries, museum, temples, stupas, handicraft, antique, music, fun, enjoy in touristy thamel. There are many places to see or visit in Kathmandu which provide you real pleasant in Kathmandu valley.

Popular Palace

Swoyambhunath stupa
Swoyambhu stupa is one the holy place. It is one of the sacred Buddhist religious site in Nepal. It is situated about 3 kilometers western from main city. Swayambhunath stupa looks over the Kathmandu valley from the top of hillock. According to modern history, this stupa was founded by the great- grandfather of king Mandeva (464-505CE). The huge symbolic representation of buddhahood signifies five elements through which the living being are made up of air, water, fire, earth and ether. However, one legend records an earlier history, long before the arrival of Budhhaism into the valley which links its establishment to the creation of the Kathmandu valley after the draining of a primordial lake. Nowadays swayambhu stupa is known as named monkey temple also. It is surrounded by green trees and it is a inhabitation of numerous monkey. So it is a perfect place to explore Kathmandu valley.

Boudhhanath Stupa
Boudhanath stupa is one of another sacred Buddhist religious holy place. It is situated northern part of Kathmandu valley near to airport and Hindus religious holy place Pasupatinath. Boudhanath stupa is one of the largest stupa in the world. It serves as a greatest religious centre for Nepalís prosperous Tibetan community and the area is booming with monasteries, shops and eateries. According to the history a poor woman named jadzimo and her four sons built this stupa with money saved from their wages. In the book legend of the great stupa it mentioned that this lady was a lower class women who wounded the pride of the wealthy and powerful by building a magnificent monument to the Buddha with, of course, the kingís permission. so Boudhhanath stupa is one of the famous sacred Buddhist religious holy place where numbers of people worship and prayers for. So it is believed that if one makes sincere prayers in front of the Buddha stupa, those wishes will be fulfilled.